Name this set

teaThe pattern for these is almost done, but I’m feeling a little stalled for a name. I have no ideas, they’re a little bit honeycomb, a little bit cellular, a little bit brick wall and even a little bit Spiderman – but I’m totally failing to pin any of that down in a single name. So I’m handing it over to you, and if I use your suggestion you can have a free copy of the pattern (if you’ve already ordered Whimsical Little Knits you’ll get it anyway in which case you can have a free copy of any of my other accessory patterns).

knit on!
It seems like maybe knitters could use one or two more matching sets and I’ve been wearing these so much over the last few days so I hope you like them too. In fact I’m wearing the mitts right now, perfect for typing in my rather chilly studio.
Thank you to both of the Kates for helping with these photos and to the lovely if amused staff at Falko Konditormeister for supplying us with delicious cakes and putting up with all of the photography so graciously.