Need to sew

This morning I took a walk in the sun to pick up a parcel. It turned out to be a rather large box, with some adorable stickers on it. If you read half as many craft blogs as I do this will look pretty familiar, it was actually seeing this skirt of Kate’s that finally got me to place my order – the coupon she sent me helped justify it too!

Recognise that little birdy? The box came from here, and inside were two beautifully wrapped kits and a lovely hand written note.




The green ribbon tying the first kit together quickly took up residence in my hair.


It’s stay was short, however, since it was replaced with this red one as soon as I unwrapped the second kit.


Unfortunately the only thing not included in these kits was the time to actually sew them. Sigh.


I have this pile looking at me accusingly too. I guess as their tagline suggests I’ll just have to make time. Is sleep actually required?