New friends

Probably my favourite thing about this trip has been the people, I’ve made so many new friends and met so many wonderful online friends in ‘real life’. In the last few days I’ve done several back to back events, in Lowell at Hubbs Mill Store, Providence at Fresh Purls and Derry at the Yarn and Fiber company and met so many people. On Sunday in Providence Mousie made a new friend.providence-2

And lots of lovely people came to see me and the contents of the sample suitcase.


Afterwards I hung out with Cirilia, who I’ve known online for a long time but never met. She took me to the wonderfully weird RISD Nature Lab, a room full of animals in all states – from skeletons, through taxidermied to swimming in tanks. I saw one from a distance in Charlottesville but this is probably as close as I’m going to get to a Coyote.


Providence has some very intriguing shops, but sadly most of them were closed on Sunday evening. I kind of want to return just for this place.


This window was also rather captivating.


I love this little albino hedgehog (did I tell you that I’m working on a hedgehog? Well I am).


On Monday night, via a series of wonderful knitters and a stop at a knitting group in Boston I found myself at Alison Green Will (awesome Vivian tech editor and great designer too)’s house. From where, yesterday, I headed to the Yarn and Fiber Company. I was rather surprised by how many people showed up for a Tuesday afternoon event, but delighted that they did. And the toys made another friend. I felt rather mean packing them back in their suitcase.


Now I’m off for a few days rest on an island – I’m so excited.