New Shop

I’m feeling quite proud of myself for getting this setup – there was quite a bit of delving into the code, and finally ready to share it with you.
The new pattern shop is up. This was one of the major reasons for moving hosts, not that it would have been impossible with the old host but the move made it simpler. The big advantage of this system is that you create an account to make a purchase and once your transaction is complete you’re automatically directed to a page with a download link. No more emails with download links disappearing into the spam filter ether. And, unlike the old shop, there is no problem with credit card payments through paypal without a paypal account.

The design still needs some prettifying, I think cute hand drawn buttons are in order. But if it had to wait for me to do the finishing touches like that it might never be done.

The apocalypse hoodie pattern isn’t up yet, I want to update the pattern into the same format as the others before I put it up. It’s also the first pattern I put up for sale here and obviously I’ve gained some experience since then so I want to go through it and see if it meets my current standards.

I’ve been obsessively testing the new shop and everything seems to be working for me, but if you have any problems please do let me know so that I can fix them.

Yay! I’m quite excited about this. Let me know what you think