New York

365-36After an easy journey with lots of space (upgrade!) and a little knitting I arrived in New York on Thursday evening where I met up with Hannah.
We spent yesterday afternoon walking around downtown where we found the adorable Purl Soho and Purl Patchwork and had lunch at the lovely Once Upon a Tart beside Purl.
I love this very springy display. I picked up some yarn and cotton stuffing for a new toy I’m working on. I’m looking forward to trying this more natural stuffing (which I got in Purl Patchwork – ask for it) and it was surprisingly cheap – comparable to the price of the polyester stuff at home.
Today we wandered around and had a picnic in central park before exploring the Natural History museum where I met a Narwhal skeleton
and found some yarn making.
Aren’t these spindles beautiful?
If you’re NYC I’ll be at The Point tomorrow from 2 with lots of samples and books – I’d love to see you there.