obviously doctor you’ve never been a 13 year old girl

Tomorrow I have an exam on narrative theory. 2 essays, the 2nd of which is pick a question and answer it referring to any prose examples (although i think that’s intended to mean any prose fiction). I have one more article to read and then I think I can just about justify taking a bath and reading the Virgin Suicides. Itunes decided I was going to listen to the Air soundtrack album this evening, and now I need to read the book. It’s been at least a year. (There are books I read at least once a year.) They said any texts, so I can ramble some crap about framing in Frankenstein, free indirect style and stream of consciousness in modernism and I can use examples from VS. Sounds like a plan.
I’m about to graft the toe on my first studying sock. I wanted to knit these as some kind of charm, reminder that I did study and that ‘I can do this’ while in the exam. I’m not planning on staying up all night cramming and knitting away at the second sock, but I might just wear the first. Even a single sock is whole lot of reading, and a whole lot of luck. Isn’t it? Odd socks isn’t really going to bother me, but do you think that would jinx the whole thing, there seem to be too many phrases involving things like starting out on the wrong foot. What to do, what to do.