oh dear little tree

it’s not your fault, but you really ought to be in a very different place. You should be where I’ve worked up to in this row, not several stitches further along. Once again I display my amazing inability to count. It wouldn’t be so bad if I had noticed, before working waist shaping, waist shaping that begins 32 rows back. The tree is moving, the crochet hook is attacking, and it will be fixed. On no account however, am I frogging 32 rows of sticky 4 ply shetland yarn, with around 300 – 350 sts per row. Wish me luck.

In case you happen to be curious, this is a wrap cardigan for the mother of one of my mother’s friends. There’s something slightly odd about knitting for someone I’ve never met, I hope she likes it. (this is a commision, I don’t as a general rule knit gifts for strangers)