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Oh how I love the farmer’s market

July 25, 2009


I love the farmer's market-4
I missed it so much while I was away and today I had such a great morning catching up with it. Some friends joined me and I met Felixfor the first time in ‘real’ life. We began with coffee, hazelnut and raisin brioche

I love the farmer's market-17

a little ripping

I love the farmer's market-2

and some sock darning, I love how easily we managed between us to furnish Felix with all the necessary items for this, including perfectly matching yarn.

I love the farmer's market-1

Breakfasted, we shopped.

I love the farmer's market-3

I love the farmer's market-6

I love the farmer's market-5

I love the farmer's market-9

I love the farmer's market-8

There are many reasons to love the market, the relationships it fosters between producer and consumer, the seasonality, the unusual produce. My favourite thing though, is just being there, especially with friends when the sun is shining.

I love the farmer's market-13

Home, I admired my, rather abundant purchases.

I love the farmer's market-10

Beetroot stalks, cut from beets that are currently in cake in the oven. These will probably end up in pasta, but for now they’re too pretty to hide in the fridge.

I love the farmer's market-11

I love the farmer's market-14

My aunt used to have this, and it smells so wonderful that I couldn’t resist despite my lack of garden / green thumbs.

I love the farmer's market-12

A flower nestled in the bag of salad.

I love the farmer's market-16

Lunch: cheese, oatcakes and tomatoes, all from the market and all delicious.


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