On the road!

This is literally the first time I’ve sat down at my computer since I left home 2 weeks ago. It’s certainly been a busy couple of weeks, I started things off quietly in New York City (if anything in that city can ever be quiet) visiting yarn stores and yarny friends. It was the perfect beginning to my trip, I’m so glad I got to spend some time with Connie and her sweet family. Her daughter is developing excellent yarn taste already, showing particular interest in this silk cashmere blend.
Connie, Olivia and I

I needed to pick up a couple of knitting supplies that I didn’t want to spend my limited Rhinebeck time searching for so it seemed like the perfect chance to visit a yarnstore I haven’t been to yet, with a manager I remembered fondly from an event I did way back when at a different store in the city.


Annie and Co on the upper east side turned out to be full of colourful treasures, with a nice communal table that filled up with knitters as the afternoon wore on, along with a very cute puppy.


And Alyssa very kindly took the time to untangle my yarn – so that I could at least continue knitting on my “no way on earth would it be done on time” Rhinebeck sweater.


One thing I love about visiting yarn stores is seeing knitter’s projects, like this badass Ishbel with it’s visibly darned (in cashmere!) scar.


Alyssa had a pretty wonderful scarf to show me too, the scarf itself is beatiful, but the best part is the secret message knit into the hem. Can you see what it says?


The pattern can be found here, although I think the message was Alyssa’s own addition.