by ysoldateague December 19, 2007


My internet isn’t playing very nicely, so hopefully I can finally manage to post this. I’ve been making decorations for my tree and I thought you might like to see them. Or at least that you might like to humour my obsessively photographing the tree because it. is. so. very. pretty. Every year as a kid I made new decorations to add to the box and my mum still uses at least a few of those scrappy decorations full of memories. I love the idea that this is the beginning of a box that can be added to. I made these without the help of any little hands, but they’re all pretty child friendly ideas.

Little ‘water bomb’ balloons papier mached with tissue paper or wrapped in embroidery thread soaked in watery pva. I used just a couple of layers of tissue, but they are pretty delicate.

More layers would be sturdier but less transparent. So pleased that I managed to find water bombs in December, but then Toys Galore never disappoints.

Felted jumpers cut into stockings and birds + glitter glue. Because there must be glitter on the tree.



You’ve seen the fake gingerbread already, but I thought I’d share my recipe (though I’m too lazy to do any conversions). Mix 6oz plain flour, 2oz salt, 1tbsp oil, 1tbsp molasses or black treacle, and 1 egg to form a stiff dough. Add either a little flour or water if necessary to obtain the right consistency. Roll out on a floured surface, cut into shapes and bake at 180c for 10-15 mins until golden brown. I just iced them with a simple glace icing, which worked fine on the cookies that were hung up immediately. Most of them I stored in a glass jar until I got the tree and the icing chipped off those so if you have a better solution I’d love to know.


Glass beads a friend bought me from Venice are much nicer hanging on the tree than sitting in a paper bag waiting for inspiration to strike.


I think this might be my favourite, even if it was impossible to photograph very clearly. It’s just white fimo rolled out to about a 3mm thickness and stamped with black ink.


More old sweater felt sewn into a garland. The bigger red links are cut from the sleeves and joined with smaller green strips.


I’ve also received a few very unexpected ornamental gifts along with holiday cards. One for the tree, one for me (those leaves would be pretty pin I think)


and one for my knitting. Thank you so much for these – you know who you are.



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