Otto in the USA

Today with the eyes of the world turned towards the United States seems like a good moment to post some photos Hannah sent me of Otto enjoying himself over there.

As I wrote a while ago I’ll be heading to New York myself in a few months and I need your help finding somewhere to stay. Ideally I’d like to find someone nice and crafty in need of a flatmate (er roomate?) or who wants to rent me a spare room but I’m open to all suggestions and areas. Another possibility is that I might be able to do an apartment swap if anyone is into the idea of coming to Edinburgh. The current plan is to spend most of April, May and June over there. I’ll be based in New York but I have a few excursions in mind too – Maryland Sheep and Wool and TNNA are pretty definite at the moment. If you have a yarn shop or group that isn’t too far away and would be interested in arranging a workshop or trunk show please get in touch.
I’m looking forward to this trip, even if I will be working a lot harder while I’m there than Otto appears to be!