pattern writing anxiety

I wish it were possible to write a pattern that would fit absoultely everybody perfectly. It’s not, but I’m still pretty anxious about the Matilda Jane sizing. So much so that this evening I’ve found myself beginning to knit another one. I’ll probably at least knit the body of this one to the waist before releasing the pattern. Slightly paranoid perfectionism is kicking in. But I know that if I don’t do this then the niggling feeling of doubt will just get worse, and I don’t feel right about selling a pattern when I’m not sure that it’s perfect. This probably won’t actually delay the release of the pattern more than a day or two. Becuase I have a lot of reading to do for uni (last week of the semester, with extra catch up seminars and exams that are way too close and too numerous for comfort). I can knit stocking stitch happily while reading, but I won’t have much to chance to do the illustrations until thursday. The yarnstandards site’s table of sizes is useful but why don’t they include waist measurements? Surely that’s a pretty key measurement even if you aren’t doing much shaping – and if like me you are it’s crucial. I’m off to consult the pattern drafting book I have lying around somewhere.Apologies for the misleading statement on Friday that I hoped to have the pattern up over the weekend. Stuff got in the way and I’d rather have it perfect than rushed. Oh and rather excitingly I’m going to Thailand next Thursday – any ideas of what to knit in heat? Actually I only think we’re going, my dad is over there working on post-tsunami reconstruction but he managed to hospitalise himself today by cutting his arm, we don’t think it’s too serious but we’re waiting to find out whether he’s planning on coming home or staying out there. But presuming I will be going what am i supposed to knit? It’s obviously too hot to want to play with wool, but I’m not a huge fan of cotton in hot weather either. Maybe I should just be studying, but somehow reading always feels more constructive when I’m knitting at the same time.