Playing Catch Up

I’ve still got a horrible cold and I’m blaming it for the fact that I seem to be behind on everything. A stranger symptom of this cold is that I also feel like tidying up and organising everything. Strange, but good because I really needed to do that. My flat suddenly feels a lot bigger.
My mum’s birthday was on Tuesday and I spent the day hastily trying to finish her presents before I met her for dinner. The print o’ the wave was originally going to be her present, but I’d given up on that already. It might be done for Christmas though. I bought some Art Clay Silver (no time to link but look it up – coolest craft material ever), apparently though when I bought it I was feeling cheap, so I didn’t buy the handy starter kit. Consequently I didn’t really have all the tools and my mum returned the earrings to me so that I could buy the wire brush I need and finish burnishing the white dust off. I used very fine sand paper, but I didn’t want to sand all of the detail off! You can see how it is after firing on the left, and after sanding on the right.


I made these by pressing the clay onto the centre of a fossil. So, so simple. But rather effective I think.

I did at least manage to make her some garter stitch mitts. It was pretty remarkable though that she ended up with a pair and not just one!

I’ve spent all afternoon catching up on my email and organising stuff in spreadsheets. I suddenly feel like I’m back working in an office, but at least here I get to choose the music. Whoever it was that sent me the link to pandora many months ago, thank you – I adore you. All of this means that I think I’ve finally emailed my postal address to everyone who’s contacted me about the holiday card swap. If you emailed me and haven’t received a reply let me know because your email must have gotten buried in my busy, busy inbox. Of course if you want to exchange cards with me just email me your address. Plenty of time, I haven’t even started making them yet. I did at least order some supplies today and I think I know what I’ll be doing.