presents = late night crafting

orthe fact that I didn’t bother getting up til 3.30pm = late night crafting,
you pick.


kate with one arm looking rather dour, or hug-me-sad?


and because she’s a little special and about half the size – I think she’s more of a Katie.
Despite the fact that I just called her special, she will be getting more limbs, probably even the right number o_O
She does smell good though – I stuffed her with lavendar and lentils (inside a bit of silk so they don’t fall out). The lentils weight her nicely and without legs she even boings back up if you push her over – not that I’m mean like that or anything.

That sweet, shiny little thing she’s sitting on is my Christmas present from my parents. Thankyou mum and dad. (though if they read this they’ve been keeping quiet).

The present making, wrapping etc, is going ok – I’ve got this so far


along with a bunch of sweets that are currently residing in the fridge – and aren’t coming out to play for the camera until the morning.

The bundle of yarn is the dayflower lace scarf – I used 2 repeats and 4ply yarn, which worked out well.

4.35 am is only morning if you’ve been to sleep,
hell given the fact that I went to bed at 11am yesterday it’s sort of like evening, but I’m going to bed now I promise.

One last picture:


the sort of jaywalker socks (pattern’s on knitty – you can find it – actually its not in knitty at all but in magknits) – ‘sort of jaywalker’ because I’m knitting them toe up. These are my taking to my parents’ tomorrow to knit over xmas knitting. The main reason I’m knitting them toe up is so that I can make them as long as I have yarn for. Incidentally the purdy sock yarn from my secret pal. I know who she is now too. I’l link to her tomorrow.

Anyways my dears if everything tomorrow is too hectic (I have to stitch the binding on the sketchbook in the photo above and make 3 pairs of earrings and 3 katie limbs, oh and boxes for sweets) –
a merry christmas to all and to all a good night