Pretty on the inside

I love using a contrast colour for the facing of a knitted hem, even though it’s a detail that can’t be seen while the garment is being worn. Normally when stitching up the hem you would use the main colour yarn to whipstitch up the hem. Elizabeth Zimmerman reasonably suggested that instead of binding off before sewing up the hem by stitching the live stitches directly off the needles the stretch of the knitted fabric wouldn’t be lost. The single ply merino and silk yarn I used for the body of this seemed like a less than perfect yarn for sewing anything, and this musing led me to using the contrast colour, plied, finer, stronger yarn to sew the hem. This began as a practical solution and turned into what I think is a pretty cute detail, prettier on the inside with little picots
and on the outside


I wasn’t completely convinced that the crocheted shell edging was going to work. It definitely seemed to be one of those things that might easily end up just a little too twee, but once I actually added it around the first armhole it just seemed right. What do you think?



I am planning on offering a couple of different versions of this, along the lines of the different edgings and showcasing the effects of yarn choice in Briar Rose. The other version will definitely be less cutesy and the actual pattern will offer different mix and match detail options for finishing the same basic pattern.


Now I need to weave in the remaining ends, so it’s actually finished and neat inside.

And then I think some blocking will be in order to set this puckery mess into pretty gathers. That’s going to work, right?


I do love how three dimensional this is at the moment though.


My plan this evening is to finish this up and re-acquaint myself with my sewing machine, because right now I don’t think I have much to wear with this.