Pretty pictures

Today I finally got around to hacking up a cardboard box and making a lightbox. I made one of these ages ago, but it didn’t survive moving house. It’s only taken me, oh about 18 months to make a new one. I used Lolly’s most excellent tutorial (and the one she linked to).

Right now it’s sitting in the bay window of my studio, which is incredibly bright but also has very changeable light. It should be fine for one off type photos but I actually made this because I need to take photos of some steps for the Elijah pattern. I wasn’t very happy with the ones I took while making the first one and since the finished object photos didn’t really do justice to the cuteness I thought I’d make another one.

I took this photo a minute ago and it’s getting dark. The quality’s not great but it’s a lot better than the photos I usually take at dusk. For the actual pattern photos I think I’m going to move the box into the big cupboard off the studio and comandeer whatever lamps I can find in the rest of my flat so that the lighting is nice and controlled and matchy for them all.

I used medium length metal dpns for the first Elijah and they were pretty awkward to work with. I wasn’t using a matching set either, so I thought for prettier pictures and my own sanity I’d get some of those itty bitty Brittany needles. So far much better, although I’ve only done a few rounds.

Take a look at the top menu and you’ll see I’ve added a page of albums of reader knits. I love looking at all the pretty pictures people have uploaded of things made from my patterns. These are pulled from the flickr group for each pattern so if you want to add your photos you need to add them to the group pool over there. I’ll set the Urchin group up asap but I think the rest are all there.
Got to go, I’m supposed to be meeting friend + my photographer Jamie at the pictures to see Control in a few minutes.