problems with arisaig lace

I’ve had a few comments left by people having problems centering the lace pattern. To be completely perfectly honest most of these questions have confused me. I’ve had another look at the charts – and there doesn’t seem to be a problem. But I’ll do my best to help. One thing to make sure is that a YO (yarn over) does NOT involve knitting a stitch – you just bring the yarn to the front and work the next stitch as directed. Bringing the yarn to the front and then knitting a stitch would definitely through everything off. In row 15 the sl, k2tog, psso is a double derease that turns the middle three sts in between the yarn overs from the previous right side row into 1. If directions are confusing me I find it easiest to figure out what to do by comparing my knitting to a photo – there is a close up scan of a swatch of the lace with the pattern – looking at that might help.
I’m aware I’m not helping much but if you post photos of your knitting and more specific questions I’ll see what I can come up with.

good luck