punk sock heel hood with an apple

DSCF3820.JPGHa, sorry for the silly title. Apparently I’m in a somewhat silly mood. Handed an essay in yesterday, so 3 final things to go I’ve got an exam on Tuesday, so until then I have to read lots of Victorian Comedy (oh so entertaining!) which means I get to work on the hoodie while I study. So much better than essays that actually involve using my hands.Anyway I started the hood of the hoodie, which is kind of shaped like a short row sock heel with an extra increased section at the back. Here is my quick and dirty little diagram which will either make what I’m doing clearer or obscure it completely – the arrows are the direction of the knitting. The bottom stitches were picked up around the neck, and the lining will be a continuation of the same piece of knitting, shaped as a reflection of this piece and will end back at the neckline to be sewn down.
I’m doing these short rows Japanese style, because I agree with Nona that they’re the neatest method. However, I’ve discovered that there are not 106 safety pins in my flat so now I need to go and buy a box before I can proceed.

Thanks for letting me know that you were interested in reading about how I made this. I was kind of surprised that so many of you were also interested in making something like this in fingering weight yarn, but that’s a whole other post. For now these pictures might provide a few more clues as to how I shaped the sleeves caps, armsyces and shoulders (er lets call it a yoke shall we?). It might not be easy to tell, but the entire thing is knit in the round right to the top of the sleeve stitches. The pink lines sort of show the direction of knitting. I was too lazy to get the graphics tablet out, so excuse the crappy diagrams.

This one is the top of the right shoulder from the front:


and this one is from the top (the sleeve is at the bottom):