putting together sewing project kits

I’ll be spending the first half of next month somewhere very warm, and I committed last year to participating in Me Made May this year – time to make some new summery clothes. Although I’m not sure I’ll be wearing sundresses or shorts with bare legs in Scotland in May! 

Prepping patterns and cutting out are by far my least favourite part of sewing. I often feel like sewing in the evening – but only sewing. Plus cutting out the pieces requires so much free space, not something I ever seem to have for very long. Enter batch cutting! I cut out four projects this morning and I think it was faster and less painful than doing them separately. There’s something unexpectedly exciting about having everything ready as sweet little kits too. 

this new Cloud 9 collection – Palos Verdes by Leslie Shrewing. And it’s a gorgeous organic voile. Crossing my fingers that they’ll add more voiles!

Putting together a cohesive colour palette has always resulted in the best travel wardrobes for me. If I don’t take the time to limit the colours and make sure everything goes with everything I else I always end up with too many items that don’t get worn because they don’t make outfits. Since it seems extremely unlikely that I’ll make a month’s worth of unique outfits I think this approach will also help with getting dressed in May!