Sometimes an idea works out perfectly the first time and other times it takes several drafts before I end up with something I’m happy with. I’ve wanted to make some mitts that combine the basic structure of these with lace for a while, but such a simple little thing has taken rather a lot of re-working. Yesterday, while trying to clear out the cupboard in my studio I found a couple of those.

I tried just throwing some eylets in, but it wasn’t as delicate or lacy as I’d envisioned and although the pure cashmere yarn I used is lovely I didn’t have enough for a pair. And one not quite right cashmere mitt isn’t really much use. So that got stuffed back in a box.


Then I went in the opposite direction, with a fancy leaf inset and lace edging, but with the buttoned cuff it was too much. I like both ideas but I think I need to seperate them and neither is quite right with the simplicity of the garter mitt, both would work much better on actual gloves. Plus the yarn wasn’t right for this project either, it’s beautiful – something silky from Posh Yarn that I can’t be bothered looking up but could be Lei, but much too floppy too hold it’s shape as mitts. It would be much better suited to a little lace scarf.


But I found those, remembered that I’d been planning on trying lacey garter mitts with this Orkney Angora. This time I’m doing something sort of in between my first two ideas, and I think I like where it’s going but we’ll see.

It may seem at times like everything I make works out the way I’d envisioned, but that’s certainly not the case I’m just good at stuffing the failures away and forgetting them. It was interesting, though, to unearth these and trace the development of an idea.