I’m incredibly proud of Little Red in the City and very excited to see it finally in print, but working 10-14 hours a day every day for months is HARD even when you love your job. This spring I had a few things I wanted to be in the US for, but they were rather spread out. Instead of filling in the gaps with work events I made the radical decision to take some time off.
magic kingdom.jpg

A few weeks before I left I started getting very excited about doing something that was just for fun and Disney World seemed like the silliest way to do just that. I jokingly tweeted asking if anyone wanted to go and somehow Amanda and I ended up deciding it was the perfect pre-wedding / post-book weekend trip.


And it really was, I packed up all of my cynicism and we pretended we were four year olds. 2 days was definitely long enough but it was really fun. We spent our final day at the beach, stopping at a Cuban bakery for breakfast on the way and discovering that Cuban baked goods are insanely delicious. Wish those were available at home!

From Orlando I flew to California to hang out with my friends from A Verb for Keeping Warm, play with my borrowed dog and enjoy more sunshine.

cleo and farley-1.jpg


Last weekend we visited a fantastic fleamarket where it was easy to spend hours looking at everything. I managed to avoid any “too ridiculous” purchases, but fell down hard at a vintage linens stall. And of course some buttons came with me, they always do.
new friend.jpg

I’m still in the US since Squam and Tnna are coming up fast, but I’m back at work and very excited about new designs and even more willing to do the boring parts of my job.