Rila Monastery

On our last day in Bulgaria we got up early, walked for about half an hour and took a very slow tram to a bus station outside the centre where we caught a bus to RIla Monastery. It was quite a trip to get there, but totally worth it. The monastery itself was beautiful and surrounded by stunning mountains and it was also interesting to see more of the Bulgarian countryside outside of Sofia.




This is the amazing chimney of the old kitchen – you can’t really tell from this photo taken directly below it but it’s several stories high, absolutely enormous. There were some giant cauldrons to go with it.


There were murals painted everywhere, on the inside and outside of the main church building. We were drawn most to the devils, the angels seem to be the mean ones!


There are lions everywhere in Bulgaria, but this was defintely the most comical one we saw.


I also found some knitting, there were a few touristy souvenir stalls outside the main monastery complex and they all had thick socks and slippers hanging up.



I quite like these stripy garter stitch ones. As soon as we got back from the trip we got on a train to Bucharest, where we spent a grand total of ten minutes before leaving again for Transylvania, altogether we spent 16 straight hours on trains!