Pattern: Rowan 35, Spring / summer 2004,

Yarn: Rowan 4 ply cotton, buy more than in the pattern.
Beads: about 4000 – I used the beads in the pattern, but in purple not blue.

Size: small (34″ bust), which on me actually gives it about an inch of negative ease, I like the fit. I didn’t change the length at all, so unless you’re also 5 ft 3 you may want to lengthen it.

Modifications: surprisingly few, I moved the slit for the ribbon from the centre to the left side and knit the neck edging in the round.

I don’t like the black ribbon, I just happened to have it. I’m not sure what I want the ribbon to be. I think it should match the beads but I haven’t found anything that’s right yet. Does anyone have any good ideas?

I love this skirt although I do appreciate that colour wise they don’t quite go. But at the moment I only have 2 skirts that sit at my waist, the other is candy floss pink. So this seemed like a better option. For anyone interested in such things it is part of a Foale and Tuffin suit from the 21 shop (google if none of that means anything to you). It’s from the late 60s, and yes I do have the jacket. No one I know likes it, but I love it. Incidentally Marion Foale is now a knitwear designer. There is an interview with her in Rowan 36 and she owns a boutique that sells handknits in London.