sanity socks

heehee. I wish I was back here


Instead of surrounded by the madness that is packing. I’m not sharing pictures of that. You can imagine, then add more mess and you’ve got the idea.

My wee holiday was great, and look, me and my little cousin (ok she used to be little) match. Haha.


And Jim’s birthday funeral, wake thingy was lots of fun. This was an utterly tasteless fake funeral, sorry if I didn’t make the fake part clear in my last post. He’s very much alive. Riding around in a hearse with a living person in a coffin in the back certainly produced some interesting reactions. He even made it into the Sun, the Daily Mail and the Record. Haha. And the coffin makes a damn good coffee table, and in the end no one made me sleep in it, although that was suggested. I would have been ok with that, I like small dark spaces, but there were clips on the lid and I had no desire to be shut in it. I don’t think I’d be quite as good as Beatrice at punching through even plywood.

OOooh! Look what I just spotted. Sarah made an awesome stuffy from my pattern for her knitty secret pal, Christine, and her cat seems to adore it – isn’t this the best photo ever?