Scones for breakfast

I’ve spent the morning slowly pottering around the kitchen, cleaning up, doing laundry and baking scones. In contrast to my usual get sucked into the internet while drinking coffee / dash around madly trying to find everything I need mornings (depending on whether I need to go somewhere) it felt so good.


I’ve been busy + rather run down for the last week or so and I’m finally starting to feel like I’m mentally catching up with myself. Doesn’t hurt that the sun’s out.


I taught my first formal (er not formal at all but you know what I mean) knitting class on Sunday and it was so much fun, I had a full class of 6 and a reasonably wide ability range but everyone managed to make a good start and I felt like everyone learnt something. I’m really looking forward to seeing their progress next Sunday. We’re making Urchin, which I re-wrote for a slightly lighter weight yarn – I’ll upload the pattern for that soon. If you’re interested in taking one of my classes there is more info on the recently added ‘classes’ page of my site. I have a feeling most of my readers are neither local nor beginners but if you are local and would like to see a class on something in particular let me know. I’m also happy to arrange private classes on pretty much anything for either individuals or small groups.


I have lots to show you, but for now here’s a little peek. Right now I need to  go pick up my new glasses, which I’m quite excited about.