secret pal goodies

I got this exciting package last week – but I’m disorganised and only just got it all back together so I could take pics.spgoodies

yes that is lorna’s laces sock yarn, it’s soo much prettier in real life. So pretty in fact that when I got the package I started knitting with it (while halfway through getting dressed and without winding it into a ball). I’m trying to decide whether to use it for socks – they would be pretty – or in a lacey scarf or somehting that would show it off better.
My secret pal also sent bamboo sock needles ; a make your own crackers kit, I feel like a little kid again it’s ace; and a cute little purse to match my ruby slippers – so thoughtful. And confirming that my secret pal is incredibly awesome – I’ve always thought that bags and purses should only be given as gifts if there’s something inside them (really doesn’t matter what it’s just disappointing when there’s nothing at all). I’ve got no idea whether it was intentional or not but inside the purse was 10pence, which made me smile