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Shorter, fingerless Farinelli

by ysoldateague November 29, 2009


short farinelli-2It finally stopped pouring long enough to take photos of my shorter, fingerless version of the Farinelli opera gloves I designed for the winter issue of Twist Collective. I really love the drama of the original version, and I do think they can fit surprisingly well into a more casual wardrobe (see Sarah’s version below), but I use my hands a lot and thought I’d get more wear out of a fingerless version. The shorter length is easier to wear over long sleeves and since it’s freezing here currently, it’s pretty obvious from the above photo just how cold I was, layering possibilities are an important consideration. Coming to just below the elbow, they’re still perfectly long and elegant. Of course there are other possible combinations, I’d love to see a full length fingerless version for example.
short farinelli-3


Cast on and work rnds 1-31 according to the pattern. Since this version is shorter but begins with the same number of sts (due to the large repeat of the edging pattern) you’ll need to work the decreases more rapidly. To do this work 3 repeats of the sleeve chart working the dec rnd (rnd 48) on rnds 8 and 16 of each repeat. If you’re making the smaller size all of the required decs will now have been worked, work 1 more repeat of the sleeve chart without any shaping. For the larger size you need to work 1 more set of decs so work those on rnd 8 of this final repeat.

short farinelli-1

After working the last plain k rnd of the final rep proceed to rnd 161 of the pattern. Work rnds 162-184 according to the pattern. Instead of working 8 (10) rnds in patt work 21 rnds (or until the hand is about 1/4″ shorter than desired length, p1 rnd, k1 rnd, p1 rnd. Bind off loosely.

Begin thumb according to pattern but k only 9 rnds, p1 rnd, k1 rnd, p1 rnd. Bind off loosely.

I hope that’s all clear, obviously it will make more sense with the original pattern in front of you.

sarah's farinelli-3
Sarah demonstrating that you don’t need to be dressed for the opera to make the full length, fingered version work.

sarah's farinelli-1
Mine are knit in Malabrigo Sock and Sarah’s are in Yarn Yard Clan.


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