I’ve been working on the Elijah pattern (umm finally!) today and though I’ve gotten the pattern photos sorted, it won’t be up until tomorrow. Little things keep messing up and everything has taken longer than it should have done. I know better than to release a pattern on this kind of day, I’d only have to spend the next few days fixing things. If you’re eager to get started on Elijah though here’s the materials and gauge info:


200m / 218 yards sport / double knitting weight yarn.

I used RYC Cashsoft Baby DK in shade 805.

Small amount of darker yarn for embroidering eyes.

For a toy that won’t be played with by babies or young children you could use toy safety eyes.

Set of 5 3mm double pointed needles.

Tapestry needle.

Polyester or wool toy stuffing.


26 sts and 36 rounds = 10 cm / 4” in stocking stitch.

Because size is not crucial to this project the gauge does not need to be matched exactly and the overall size can be changed by changing the yarn weight and needle size. The most important thing is to work Elijah at a relatively tight gauge to create a firm fabric without holes that the stuffing can poke through. If you are using a different yarn weight you should use needles to achieve a tighter than recommended gauge.


Elijah is approximately 26 cm / 10” tall.


I’m happy enough with these pictures for the actual pattern, but I think I might see what fun adventures I can capture Elijah having over the next few days. Such a kid! This evening I’m going to climb Arthur Seat, or some of it at least, with a friend and watch fireworks while drinking mulled wine and nibbling the remains of yesterday’s focaccia. I’m sure said friend won’t mind if Eli tags along. Have a good evening my dears, whether or not you’re celebrating bonfire night.