Snow Hats

My handmade hats have been keeping me and my brother’s heads cosy in the alps, and my mum’s been wearing a Gretel that she knit (need to get a photo of that actually, she used Rowan Tapestry and it’s really cute).

I made this cabled beanie with a visor as a last minute Christmas present on Christmas eve and even though I knew it was a popular style I was still a little surprised by how much he liked it. Which is just as well because he surprised me by giving me his old video I-pod.


This is my own design and I hope you like it as much as he does, the pattern is on my writing up list. It’s a long list but at least I feel like I’m actually working on it now so hopefully it will be available before too long.

Although I already have an enormous hat collection I couldn’t really find one that met my requirements of not falling off while snowboarding and keeping my ears warm. Plus I wasn’t sure about trying to sneak my metal circular needles through airport security, although I’ve done it before, and figured that no one could take issue with a wooden crochet hook. So of course I had to make a hat on the journey here. This is a pretty awful photo of me, but at least you can see the hat.


It’s really simple, based on this pattern with stripes and ear-flaps and a crab stitch edging. The yarn is, I think the Sublime merino angora blend, but I don’t have the ball bands with me here.