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so what have I been up to then?

by ysoldateague July 07, 2006 3 min read

For starters this is the almost finished not knitty project:




The first lace pattern I’ve really designed, I sketched a rough idea on graph paper and then worked it out properly while knitting. I did that while on the plane to Venice, and my mum thought it looked like I was writing in some kind of hieroglyphic (sp?) code. Which in a way I suppose I was. While my sketch was sort of what I wanted I really needed to actually be knitting to work out the kinks. When I find that swatch I might post it. It’s kind of interesting to see how it progressed. Obviously it’s not a particularly original lace pattern, clearly derived from other leaf patterns. It may well be found in other places, but I don’t really care, I’m still proud of myself. I love how this pattern sits contentedly on the line between organic and geometric too. Construction wise, as you can probably tell this is (another!) top down raglan pattern. You propably can’t tell but I’m using short rows to shape the bottom in a gentle curve towards the back. I’m not quite sure about whether I’m going to put an edging on this or leave it as is. I like it how it is, although I might try a simple edging and see how I like it. If I do that the edging will probably be crochet. Picking up sts all the way around this doesn’t exactly thrill me. I’ve also got no idea what to fasten it with, possibly a brooch although I’m toying with a row of butted up against each other pearl buttons. I have some pretty greenish ones that might work. Input on both the edging and fastenings issues very much appreciated. The dressform is my new best friend. I can try things on her, check the size and share them with you without being a contortionist. She arrived on Wednesday and I spent all morning waiting excitedly (and impatiently). Of course I also have dressmaking plans, but I’m not sure what will come of those.
While I decided not to try the two different socks at once thing right now I still might. The only reason I’m not doing it now is that the two socks I wanted to do would be on different needles and obviously that wouldn’t work out. So for now my two socks are (almost) matching. These are in the Hill Country Yarns sweet feet self striping I posted about a while back. Still love the colours.

Becuase I started each sock from opposite ends of the same skein the stripes more or less match up on the toes, but go in different directions. There’s something about this odd matching that I’m inexclipably fond off. The stitch pattern I’m not so sure off, I almost ripped it out a few rows back, but forced myself to continue and I think its growing on me, thoughts?



What have we here?



Weee! New wool While lost in Venice (which happened frequently but was always interesting) we stumbled across a little knitting/ sewing shop. My mum bought me this lovely bright green 100% merino worsted. Australian wool but made in Italy. I’ve got 8 50g balls of it, which might be enough for a small sweater. Hmmm… I have plans, but they’re vague. On Wednesday I went to the John Lewis sale while killing time and came out with 10 balls of Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk in a this great crimson colour. It makes me happy, but again isn’t really enough for a proper sweater. I’m toying with the idea of ekeing it out with some pink and doing a stripy hoodie. But I love the red all by itself too, and the idea of cables with it. Weirdly I’m craving stocking st at the moment. I need something mindless to work on when doing other things too, and I don’t have anything.

More shots of the yarn, just becuase it’s pretty:




Back to checking the exam results page obssesively. They said today at the latest. It’s getting pretty late.


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