Spinning etc

Yesterday we went to a clothing show and I bought a couple of cute printed dresses. This is one of them, from a Canadian company called Passenger Pigeon. As is probably obvious from the print they make eco-friendly clothing, my dress is made from organic soy and organic cotton. The torso’s a little long, but it will be easy to alter – although when I’ll get around to that is another matter.

Today we hung out, taking photos and Laura taught me how to spin! It’s been a long time since I learnt something that I had no idea how to do so that was interesting, but eventually I got the spindle a little under control.




It’s messy, but it’s definitely yarn.


We also blocked the cardigan I’ve been knitting while I’ve been here and had a little photo shoot. This is basically a re-working of my cloud bolero design into a neater, simpler pattern that will be much more fun to knit. More on that later.




I bought the wonderful vintage pearl buttons on ebay ages ago, I’ve just been waiting for the perfect garment to add them to. I might be a little less precious about the special buttons in my teeny button collection now though, since it’s grown so much.