stamping little socks

I carved these little stamps from a rubber to decorate the bag I’m making for my sock kit swap pal. Obviously I’m a little late in getting going on this, but I think I can get it sent out tomorrow. (Tomorrow afternoon anyway). I was going to try printing the fabric using the waxed paper through the printer method, but after I spent ten minutes trying to get the paper to stick to the fabric I gave up. Then I looked on the box, it says microwave safe. Microwave safe doesn’t sound like a product that will melt to my fabric. Hmmm… and after it took so long to even find the stuff. But I love how this turned out, happy accident indeed.


(apologies for the crappy washed out photo, it’s getting dark)

The stripey button raglan now has stripes.


The colour looked a lot more blueish in the shop, I’m not so sure about it now. What do you think? Stupid flurorescent lighting.

Today I sent off the big secret project I’ve been working on, I love it and hope you will too. I want to finish up some of the projects and patterns I’m working on now.

And… I don’t think I can contain my excitement any more, I have a flat! I love it, it’s so pretty. I can’t wait to show some photos, but as I’m not moving in until mid October I guess that will have to wait until then. I’m currently poring over the Ikea catalogue, dreaming off baking things in glass jars, and shoe racks and fabrics. Yeah, I’m sooo exciting these days.

Umm yeah by baking things in jars I meant that I want to put stuff like flour and sugar in glass jars – not that I’m going to bake things inside glass jars. That would result in explosions that will exciting would also be a bit messy.