striping along

I’m soooo pleased you liked my little baking idea. More of that soon
I’m almost done with the stripy green jumper, just most of a sleeve and some button plackets left. Weee! A few of you have asked for pattern details. It’s my own design, although it’s pretty simple. I’m planning on selling the pattern, hopefully it won’t take me too long to get that up. But, it’s essentially a top down raglan, with some nice waist shaping, buttons along one raglan and some ace spiralling stripe action. If you want to work from a pattern, and would like to buy it from me I’ll obviously be delighted (because then I can buy more yarn, heehee). On the other hand though, I know that while sometimes you want the ease of working from a pattern, or you still want the hand holding it offers to the not so experienced, but sometimes it’s nice to work things out for yourself. And a simple top down raglan sweater is a great way to venture into your own designing. I plan to make up some tutorials for some of the specifics in this jumper, but for the raglan part Alexandra is doing a great job of explaining it here:

Doesn’t seem much point in me re-writing the same info. I do agree (completely) with her that percentage systemsaren’t much use. When I first wanted to design a top down raglan that was how all of the info I could find worked. I looked at the numbers involved and ended up figuring it out on my own. In pretty much the way Alexandra outlines. Anyway what I’m trying to say is that I’ll be equally pleased to see that I’ve inspired someone to make something a little or a lot like my jumper, or to see someone making it from my pattern.

Oh, and the new knitty? Most excellent issue indeed. As Alice excitedly points out in the comments on my last posts I was talking about knitting 2 socks one inside the other a while ago. I was pretty sure I’d read about this in a novel (bonus prize to anyone who can tell me where) and had a good idea of how it might work, but had never actually tried it. I love intolerable cruelty but think it would need the perfect yarn, or might just be better sewn. But it’s certainly hot.