stripping down

Eeep I wrote this ridiculously long post earlier and then firefox crashed. (shouldn’t that be an oxymoron?) I don’t think I have the energy left to re-create the entire thing now, but it was sort of in two parts anyway, so here is the first.

Sorry for the lengthy silence, wasn’t intending that. It’s for a few reasons, one of which seems relevant, because it’s led to the decision to be more focused on this blog. I haven’t had much to say because I’ve been getting stressed trying to design things for submissions. All of these deadlines have passed me by, and I think I’m just to busy with things that are, at least for the moment, more important (uni, sorting my flat out, etc). I have realised though, that I feel sort of ambivalent about doing stuff to be published: it makes something fun feel like work, at a time when I’ve realised that I need it to be fun, and it stops me blogging about what I’m working on. I really enjoy the process of writing about and photographing what I’m doing, and why. It doesn’t seem to make sense to be making myself work on secret things when I’d rather be working on making stuff to share here, and on making this whole site more interesting.

I have lots of projects on the go, without being too excited or focused on any of them, so I decided to just stop trying so hard and go back to what I like about knitting. So I made a couple of garter stitch dishcloths. As stripped down, simple and utilitarian as possible these didn’t even require ‘spare’ time: I knit them while reading. Then I photographed one hanging from my kitchen mantelpiece with the tacky ‘rustic’ tiles chipped off and the dingy orange textured wallpaper all stripped down. I have no before photos (daylight here is very scarce right now) but perhaps I can rummage threw the bags of rubbish to share the shreds of how it was before my dad attacked it.


Anyway, the rest of the orignal post was basically about some of the things I’m working on for here. The patterns for the opera gloves, stripy and snow white among other things.