stripy’s first rain

I was going to post a modelled picture of stripy. But we went out to the post office and to see my friend Jamie, and on the way back we got rained on. So now we’re a bit too soggy for a photoshoot and I have a towel fetchingly draped over my head. Photos tomorrow I promise. The good thing is that the part of me underneath stripy is perfectly dry, wool is good for that. The not so good thing is that I was wearing shoes that are made of canvas and have holes in the soles, so my feet are wet. Well I’m off to find some wooly socks to put on. I might even have photos of my next jumper tomorrow – I just have a few rounds to knit and a lot of grafting to do. Most of the grafting, you’ll be pleased to know won’t be part of the pattern. I’m trying to use every last bit of yarn so I did the top part and then the sleeves and now I’m going to graft them together. The smarter but less thrifty way would be to start with enough yarn and do the sleeves first. But I’m certainly thrifty, and this is luxury yarn that I got in a sale so I only had a small amount. Too precious not to use it all.
I’m glad you like stripy, it’s a basic top down raglan with some buttons but I’ll see what I can do about the pattern for those who would like one to follow. Maybe I can do it like a worksheet, so it’s made to fit you? We’ll see.