summer knitty is up

and no I don’t have anything in it, I was swamped by essays around the deadline. Of course I also missed the deadline for the fall issue, because I was er swamped by having fun. It’s just not such a good excuse. I haven’t finished the thing I was going to submit to knitty yet, and decided not to partly because of time but also because I want to self publish this design. I could do it with all sizes in one chart and written directions for the edging, but those charts can get mighty confusing. If I publish it myself there are no space restrictions and I can do seperate charts for every size, colour coded if I so desire. That’s a point actually, does anyone know if there are any conventions for colour coding (lace) charts? I’m assuming there are not, but you never know.I think Widdershins might be my favourite pattern in the new Knitty. I don’t really like either of the actual socks much, but the technique? I’ve been thinking (in a half assed I could figure this out but haven’t bothered way) about knitting toe up socks with heel flaps the right way round for ages and this pattern shows you how. I knew it could be done!

In fact I like all of the sock patterns, some more than others. Cookie has another stunning (of course) pattern in this issue, if you’re thinking of making them check out her blog for a larger copy of the chart. Other than the socks the only patterns I’m really into are Elizabeth’s pretty bracelet, and the adorably cute tulip baby booties. I can’t decide whether I like the lacy gloves or not. I think my problem with them is the patterning on the palms and the yarn, but that doesn’t mean I’ll never knit them.
I’ll photograph the not knitty project when my camera charges a bit. For some unknown reason the battery is drained.

*Edit – one of these days I’ll learn to read properly, but it’s difficult when there are such pretty distracting pictures. Anyway I went to take a proper look at the witterings pattern (edit again – I mean the widdershins pattern, witterings is Anna’s cute hat – I left that absurd error here just because it shows how much the blogs I read have entered my subconscious) and ended up on the designers blog and she mentioned that the pattern isn’t the only one in the issue for toe up heel flap socks. Oooh, it’s not? So I took myself back to knitty for a proper look at all of the sock patterns. Hmmm…. I can see some short row heels, but what’s she on about. Oh wait, it couldn’t be Baudelaire could it? Of course, we knew Cookie rocked, but now she’s just rubbing it in. I was going to cast on some socks (of my own design later) and try out the technique. But they’re so pretty. Hmmm… the yarn I want to use wouldn’t work at all – the hill country turquoise and brown (look down a few posts, you’ll see it), but it’s tempting, very tempting. I’m sure I have something else that would work. (of course I do, I have 7 cones of sock yarn lying on the sofa, and plenty of dye). I’ve been wanting to try 2 socks at once, and yesterday I bought needles for that. I couldn’t do 2 different socks at once could I? You know I think that might be fun.