Beautiful Projects – Strokkur

As I write this, I’m wearing two sweaters and a shawl, indoors. It’s most definitely sweater weather and Strokkur is one of our favourites. Mine is looking a little worse for wear after two years of constant wear and an accidental washing incident, so a new one is at the top of list. It’s a pattern too that lots of knitters have modified in ...

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Crochet steeks on Cruden

Over Christmas and New Year I took some time off and didn’t want to work on calculating a new pattern, but I did want to knit, so I started a second Cruden. I got most of the knitting done during my break but it’s been sitting in a corner waiting for the attention that steek finishing requires for a few weeks. Even though I love...

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Steeking Strokkur

Like most people who have been knitting for years I have noticed things about myself as a knitter. I gravitate toward certain colors, I often match my nail polish to my knitting, and I find myself wearing my hand knit cardigans WAY more often than I wear hand knit pullovers. Read more