Beautiful Projects – Coraline

Coraline is a sweater that just makes me think – ‘aaaaah.’ It was one of the first sweaters I knit, (and I’m slightly embarrassed that I even remember this), but it was also what I was working on the first time I met Ysolda. She appeared behind me and said ‘ooo, you’re kn...

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Beautiful Projects – Blank Canvas

Soon it’ll be three years since Blank Canvas was released, and it really is one of my favourite designs. Ysolda described is as ‘a basic, blank canvas: simple and flattering as it is, but just a starting point in your hands.’ Many knitters have used the pattern in just this way, a starting point for their own design ideas and features. To...

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Beautiful Projects – from the Rhinebeck Sweater

I used to be one of those knitters that always had a sweater on their needles. Since having my daughter I’ve set sweater knitting to the side, thinking that I didn’t have the time or concentration to knit garments. That’s still a little true but I’m starting to realise that there are ways round it (like big gauge and intuitive patterns), and I miss having that big pile of knitting on my lap ...

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Beautiful Projects – Strokkur

We have a little bit of a yoke obsession at the moment. Ysolda’s Yokes pinterest board is full of incredible things if you’re looking for some inspiration for autumn knitting.  We keep noticing though how many beautiful Strokkur projects there are. With just three colours its the per...

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Beautiful Projects – Liesl

This week my mum came to visit, wearing one of the Liesl sweaters I’ve made her. Seeing knitted gifts being worn and loved always inspires me to knit more, I just need to grow some extra arms! Liesl is a great pattern if you’re determined to knit a sweater, but don’t have a lot of time. Thanks to the big gauge and open stitch pattern it seems to...

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Beautiful Projects – Handspun Sweaters

One of the many, many things I love about Ravelry, is how easy it is to find inspiration. And even if that’s not something you’re short of, looking through the amazing projects of knitters all over the world is a lovely way to spend a few minutes…um, or hours! Last month I managed to spend some time at my spinning wheel, as each year I sign up for the Read more

Is hibernating an option?

With the old studio all packed up, the new one lacking any furniture, having worked over the weekend, stormy weather outside, and a critical clean underwear status I decided that the only practical option was to stay home today.  Other than a lunchtime dash up the road for baked beans, bread and soup ingredients (so grateful for the nearby Dig In!) that’s what I did. Tomorrow I’ll hav...

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