Taking Shape

I finally feel like I’ve got the energy to really tackle sorting out my flat. Cleaning and tidying and sorting and de-cluttering of course, but also some more fun making a house a home sorts of things. If you’ve been reading for a while you might remember when I painted these frames, back in May.

Since then I’ve had the frames, the backing boards, the glass, the mounting card and most of the pictures all sitting in separate none too tidy piles that got in the way of all sorts of things.


I finally put everything together and one minor but bloody cut and a broken blade (separate incidents, my thumb is perfectly ok) later I have real grown up pictures in frames. I need to sort out a lot of things in the boxroom before it’s likely that I’ll come across anything to hang them from but luckily my ridiculously grand one bedroom flat has 3 mantelpieces.





Space for all but this one. It really ought to be above the bed rather that resting on the pillows.


It’s good to be home. Today my friend Joanna took some photos in the meadows of a new hat. The pattern will be available (free) soon, but for now here’s just a glimpse since I love this rather autumnal outfit.