Tattie Scones

I’m so glad the video was useful and clear, I have more planned. The comments on my accent were certainly expected, but I’m curious to know where you think I do sound like I’m from. If you want some evidence of my Scottishness here’s what I was craving as comfort food after a tiring day of rather unsuccessful shopping.

Tattie scones, which I’ve never made before, but I googled and found this.It seemed like a simple enough idea, so I just threw them together without measuring anything. So easy and so stodgy and good. Really a breakfast food, but they made a great snack, with plenty of leftovers for breakfast tomorrow. Which is good because I’m going to Glasgow, in the hope that the perfect pretty party dress that I can actually wear to events other than a fancy wedding will be found there, because it’s not here. Bonus points if it fits. Actually if anyone is local and has boutique recommendations I’d appreciate it, I’m so sick of seeing the same dresses in multiple high street department stores.