I’ve been thinking a lot about my plans for the next year recently and one of the things I know for sure I’m going to be doing quite a bit of is travelling to various knitting related events. This seems like a great oppurtunity to teach some workshops and to meet some of you, but the thing is I really have no idea what to teach. The problem is that I’d really like there to be a reason for me in particular to be teaching a particular class, there are lots of things I can think of to teach but I don’t see why you would go out of your way to learn them from me. So what do you think? If location, money, time etc weren’t an issue what would be your dream class to take if I was teaching? The chances are that most of these will be fairly short single workshops with relatively large groups eg. a couple of hours and 20 people, so please bear that in mind.
If you have any requests for where you’d like to see me that would also be great, although I’m not making any promises! As I said before I’m planning on going to New York in a few months, but my plans have now changed and I’ll be doing a lot more travelling around over May and June now and I need to fill the gap between the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival and TNNA. I am planning on dragging a case full of samples around with me to show and tell but some workshops would be fun too.