Thank you

For all of the comments on my granddad’s knitting. I’m so lucky to have these, and delighted to have you to appreciate what treasures they are. My mum called me up to tell me that the post, and your comments, made her cry. She told me a little more about her father’s knitting and her own. I wondered whether, in the photo of me and my granddad together, we were wearing hand knits and it turns out we were. He knit his jumper, apparently he knit all of his own knit wear other than fine knits for ‘going out’, and liked to make Icelandic style jumpers from kits. My mum remembers selling these kits from the shop she worked in as a teenager. The cardigan I’m wearing in the photo was knit by my mum (I think most of my family can knit to some extent).

Thank you also to everyone who has given me the make my day award and apologies for not thanking you personally, I’m horribly behind on non business email. I’d been kind of feeling like my interest in reading blogs was waning a little, but I’ve loved all of the make my day lists floating around, so many wonderful discoveries. I’ll be adding my own list soon but I’m sort of struggling with it. So difficult to choose just ten!

I’m so happy, if often suprised, that so many people like my blog, but sometimes I wonder about the gulf between the impression you might have of me from it and what people who know me in ‘real life’ think. The general impression of anyone who has never visited me seems to be that I’m pretty neat and tidy. Anyone who has visited me has found the contrast between the glimpses of my flat I show here and what it’s usually like highly amusing. So in the interests of bringing a little more realism to the blog, here’s a photo that Hannah snapped the other night while I was helping her with a project.


And now I’m off to clean the kitchen, because unlike the mess above it’s more unhygenic than creative.