the corset pullover…

is nearly done :)It would be done if I hadn’t made the responsible decision that if I stayed up half the night seaming it I wouldn’t get up and go to work in the morning. I seem to be rather unusual in this but I actually like seaming, it’s like magic – you have all these weird shaped pieces and then you sew them together properly and you have a jumper – with invisible seams. I have to knit the lace trim for the top and I haven’t done the straps (but I don’t think I’m going to) but maybe, just maybe I’ll get it done tonight.

Alternatively I may not because I have lots of other things to do today. My brother’s back at school, which means I’m back to maths tutoring, so I need to go up to my parents’ tonight and do that. Teaching maths isn’t really much fun, and he fiddles constantly and i generally a rather irritating pupil, but it seems to be making a difference – he’s actually not bad at maths, just at understanding his hopeless teacher. And I get dinner made for me which is always nice, I think we’re having colcannon (mashed potatoes and kale with lots of butter and cheese), not supposed to eat cheese but I’m making an exception.

My friend Sheena and her boyfriend Chris are coming to stay tommorrow, they’re down to see Regina Spector and Amanda from the Dresden Dolls. I’l probably join them for Amanda’s gig although it’s kind of dissapointing that Brian isn’t playing. But I need to finish cleaning my room so they have somewhere nice to stay and don’t get hurt. I’m pretty good at dodging the sharp things on the floor but it’s not really fair to make other people do the same.

On friday I bought yarn for hopeful. The pattern is by Jenna Adorno – she has other equally pretty designs in knitty and SNBN. This pattern is $5 (about ?2.80 i think) and for every pattern sold she is donating $6 to Susan Love’s breast cancer research foundation. Even if you don’t plan on making it any time soon that’s a pretty good reason to purchase the pattern. There is a knitalong going on crafster too. I’m using the specified yarn – rowan wool cotton in a sort of apple green colour. I also have plans to adapt the front ties to have leaf motifs. I’d like to cast on now but I’m forcing myself to finish the corset pullover and study first. Luckily this looks like a good knit while I read pattern, lots of mindless stocking stitch in the round. Talking of knitting and reading I made a book weight last week to make that easier and on friday I also bought some books – I read the Princess Bride over the weekend, it’s wonderful and at the moment 3 quid in Fopp. I haven’t seen the film yet but I’m quite excited to.