The Cute and the Gory

It’s almost Halloween, it’s stormy outside and I’m oh so excited. I’m sure it will come as no surprise at all to learn that I love Halloween and this year is special because it’s the first for several years that I’ve not had an important essay deadline too close to care about much than studying. Yay!

In highschool my friends all hung out at my friend Jamie’s house and his parents are pretty much our surrogate aunt and uncle. Their house is always decorated for each and every holiday and his mum is a knitter so these form the centrepiece of their Halloween mantelpiece. Aren’t they cute?


I think that they’re made from mostly garter stitch rectangles and the patterns are in a book. She’s promised to look it out so that I can post where they’re from, even if it’s a bit late for this year.


On Friday I went to see David Lynch talk (mostly about transcendental meditation) and then to a Halloween party, it was a most ridiculous night only partly because I was dressed like this all evening. 80s b movie zombie prom queen Ysolda! Of course.


My bathroom still looks a bit like a rather gruesome crime scene, but there really seemed no point in cleaning properly when I’m just going to do all the make up again tomorrow. Incidentally I made my own fake blood, based on a recipe I got from the fire brigade while making a gangster movie in high school, filming a scene that actually did involve turning a school bathroom into a crime scene. The main secret is cocoa powder, other than that it’s just water, a lot of red and a little bit of blue food colouring and maybe some cornflour, syrup, milk or gelatine (eww) to get the right consistency. It makes reasonably effective hair dye too, oops.
I have nothing new and exciting to share on the knitting front, but I just need to put the finishing touches to the Elijah pattern so if I’m not too busy mixing up fake blood it might go up tomorrow, soon anyway.