The Sun Finally Came Out

So today I jumped at the opportunity for a little photo shoot, and it’s raining again so who knows when the I’ll get another chance. You’ll be seeing more of the pictures we took over the next few days but here are a few that I liked, but that aren’t exactly the main subjects of the shoot. Despite the sun it was freezing, luckily though there’s a little cafe in the park and I warmed my hands with coffee.


One of the paths in the Meadows begins with an unusual arch. DSCF2029.JPG

It’s even more unique than it appears at first glance – it’s actually made up of a whale’s jaw bone. Not only that but, according to the attached plaques, this was from the Zetland Fair Isle Knitting Stand at the Great Exhibition in 1886.


This is totally one of those things you walk past all the time without ever really noticing, so it was nice to actually stop and appreciate it for once. I have been meaning to post photos of it for ages.


After far too long posing (and freezing) we went to my parent’s house, where I crouched on the luxuriously heated floor taking photos of Elijah and his rabbit friend (who now has a name but deserves her own post). Photos with the little camera


and the big one. Now if I can only remember to develop the film and print them.


Speaking of Elijah, how do you feel about extending the contest deadline? I feel like it’s snuck up on me, so if you were wishing you had a little longer to enter let me know and I might extend it a little.