The winners

Holy comments batman, I think I have enough recommendations to keep me entertained for the next 3 years – and maybe enough places to visit for a lifetime. There were so many old favourites, you know me so well, but also many thinks I’ve never heard of so I’m excited to discover those – thank you! If you’re ever bored there’s a lot of good stuff in those comments.
So, after searching through the spam filter for errant comments and cancelling out any duplicates or multiple comments, I plugged the total into the random number generator, asked for 6 numbers and it gave me these –

30, 62, 95, 213, 244, 318

Since I wasn’t smart enough to figure out how to number the comments I ended up having to download them from the database and opening them in excel, anything to avoid actually counting!

After all of that I’m delighted to announce that the 6 winners are.



and Caroline

I’ve emailed all of you and I’ll send out your prizes as soon as I know where they’re going.