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Things I love

by ysoldateague August 20, 2007

Finally figured out where my camera charger disappeared in the move and so, in no particular order, I present a very picture heavy post of some of the things I adore right now.

Cooking dinner for my self.


My traditional drying pulley.


These buttons.


Sewn button loops – are these one of those things everyone just knows or would a tutorial or link to a tutorial be in order? If you know of an existing one let me know, I couldn’t find one.


My iron’s vertical steam iron + dressform = a much more effective way to get the creases out of this cardigan than ironing was.


Comfort knitting. I spent the weekend trying to get rid of a cold by doing as little as possible and knitting this was perfect. Feeling much better now but I love this too much not to continue with it. I’m re-making the Apocalyse hoodie in a much sturdier, hard-wearing yarn than the polar. Edit: polar has some great qualities, it’s super soft and squishy, but the original hoodie ended up really pilled (and then moth eaten but that’s not really the yarn’s fault). It also got a bit stretched out and the yarn’s discontinued too so not very easy to get hold of.

Mostly I’m re-knitting this because I want to take better pictures, but also because I think this might work better in a more traditional wool and I could do with a cozy basic like this. It’s a little scratchy but doesn’t seem to bother my skin too much and it is really squishy.


For an outerwear garment it seems perfect. It seems like sometimes in the quest for super soft silky wools we loose some of the characteristics that make wool so great and useful to begin with. The yarn is from garthenor organics. Please don’t buy up all of the chunky jacob grey 6G though, I might need to order a little more to complete this. It’s oddly pleasing that this is sheep coloured.


New shoes. Red or Dead, but I think from last year. I bought them new on Ebay from the factory, from this seller.

My wooden swift (bought from Getknitted a while ago).


Home made hummus on my first attempt at no knead bread, which turned out to be wonderful but was probably not the thing to make while feeling too pathetic and ill to clean up the mess. It. was. very. messy! Even by my none to neat usual standards.


Old fashioned hair styling. Waves


and pincurls.


Finding an old finished object in a box while moving. Just when lots of my hits are from people searching for the corset pullover after reading the knitting daily piece, which I also love. It’s knit from random shetland wool, and the only mod I remember making was shortening the sleeves. It’s actually much cuter than I remembered so now I’m tempted to crochet some kind of border on the too wide neckline and actually wear it.

The books currently in residence on my bedside table.


More new shoes. These seem to be part of the Autumn / Winter collection which isn’t online yet. Lots of other lovely choices are though.

With a frog on them.

This new site, a sort of social networking thing for indie designer / makers. Come be my friend!

Most of all I love everyone who has purchased one of my patterns. Without that very little of the rest of this stuff would be happening. Thank you.

(I do not love taking photos of myself, that corset pullover one involved balancing the camera on a stack of books on top of the ironing board and a gazillion takes – that was really the best. Consequently I’m off to get my mother to photograph the camera above but when I return I’ll update this with the missing links).

Since this is a disjointed post anyway – does anyone know how to get the old domain to be a full alias for the new one? I’ve managed to correctly alter the c-name settings for the old domain so that links beginning work, but don’t know how to make email or anything with the www work. Anyone?


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