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things to do

September 01, 2005


today is my second last day of work… which is just as well, things are pretty slow here and they really don’t need to be employing me.
I don’t go back to uni in the actually having classes sense until the 19th (all being well if I passed the exam). So I should have some nice crafting time on my hands over the next couple of weeks. Some of which will inevitably be taken up by things like hangovers and laundry… (I haven’t been out during the week since May and as everyone knows all the best clubs are on weeknights – Sunday counts as a weeknight… being a schoolnight.)

But this hangovers and laundry aside this means I’ve been thinking of things to do… crafty things

And all this bored at work time on craftster and reading blogs is quite inspiring really. I’m also getting a bit worried about the lack of time structuring I’l suddenly have. I get so much more done when my time seems valuable enough to get paid for sitting around for 8 hrs a day. Even when I’m back at uni I’ll have 3 contact hrs. (That is 3 a week not a day!)

but anyways here are some things I’m thinking of doing.

1. Re-constructing some of the clothes that i packed into 2 binbags and stuffed in the bottom of my wardrobe while clearing out said wardrobe a couple of months ago.

2. buying (from charity shops if possible) lots of interestingly printed fabrics and/or plain stuff.

2b. making rubber stamps, sponge rollers etc and printing on said plain fabric.

2c. making cushion covers for the 4 giant cushions on my sofa… about 2 feet sq each. – im quite inspired by this post log cabin pathwork pillow
on bird in the hand to try log cabin patchworks on them… and those fabrics in the japanese book are amazing.

3. Finally give in and finish my patchwork quilt – that I’ve been making since I was 16 – by machine. At the moment it is single bed sized and made of 4″ squares… all stitched by hand in the traditional way.

4. To knit a new hat – because a candyfloss pink kittyville hat is cute but a bit too much with my bright red dufflecoat… most days anyway.

5. Make a series of dolls like Irkle… some with clothes and real hair, I might put them up on

6. Make a new messenger bag. I like the idea of knitting a pin up girl.

7. Make a notebook… with lined and plain paper and pockets, I can’t deal with seperate notebooks for seperate things – never seem to have the right one. But I can possibly manage one for crafts and one for uni.

8. Start thinking of gifts for my secret pal… who hasn’t been assigned yet, but if I’m going to do this it’ll have to be organised.

9. Try making jewellry from old brightly coloured kids records – I like the idea of a red lightning cuff, think that’ll work?

10. Design/ find/ plan aquire materials for knitting projects that I can do during lectures and while reading… think repetitive and mindless.

11. (Connected to 10…) start my mum’s birthday jumper, we got the wool in ireland but she only just let me measure her last night.

12. Plan maths lessons for my brother. (I tutor him weekly… he’s very smart but very dyslexic and can’t learn by rote or remember methods after a week or two so most of my teaching is helping him find ways to figure things out).

Expect more but 12 seems like a nice number for now.

oh and Mandy Moore, who is lovely incidentally, edited my knitty pattern yesterday – I had to re-do the chart because in my haste to get it done I missed out a couple of rows. So hopefully the new knitty will be up soon… the last issue wasn’t so hot.

I’m excited but kind of scared that people might actually knit this… what if it doesn’t fit anyone?


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