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totally spoiled

by ysoldateague May 01, 2007 3 min read

Three down, just one exam to go and that’s not until next Wednesday. I just spent a ridiculously long (but fun) time hunting around my flat for all the things I have to share with you. Didn’t even get to the knitting!

At the end of last week a package turned up to distract me from the essay. It was from my secret pal and full of treats from Finland.


The yarn is a very soft bamboo / cotton blend and I love this soft green colour. The sweets came with a warning that they are an acquired taste but I love them – kind of liquoricy but not quite.


This little guy is looking after my keys.


I’m drinking this while I type. As far as I can make out it’s some kind of black tea flavoured with tropical fruits. Just peered into the pot and noticed that the leaves had unfurled – for some reason I love tea that does this, I’m easily amused. And I’m nibbling at this:


Thank you secret pal, everything is perfect

I got another surprise package last week too. Inside was a little collection of vintage tapestry wools. No prizes for guessing which decade these are from! Accompanying them was a card from my aunt saying she found them in a charity shop and thought I might be able to find a use for them. Of course.

This morning I had to get out of the shower and answer the door dripping wet. So worth bothering though because the postman brought my prize for the secret pal contest. I have no idea whether Bobbi picked this colourway for me or not but it’s perfect – the colourway is almost solid but not quite and is called ‘limestone’. It’s actually much brighter in real life. Everything seems to be conspiring to make me fit in with project spectrum.


Bobbi also sent me a handmade card – with sheep, the line I hung from the kitchen mantlepiece to put my christmas cards on is filling up again with random cards.


Taking a little break from studying, and as I’ve spent so long sitting on my ass over the last couple of weeks I didn’t feel like knitting today (shock horror!). Instead I’ve been crawling around on the floor with the crazy belief that I know how to draft a pattern for a dress.



Now I’m going to try cutting it out and stitching together. It’s not really something I’ve done for a while, and consequently not really a part of this blog, but I used to sew a lot. So I have some idea of what I’m doing. It’s going to be a cute pinafore in fine black cord (maybe what’s called needlecord?) with red topstitching, zip and buttons. I figure if the top part is the wrong shape I can cut it off and call it a skirt. Mostly I used to sew quickly when I didn’t have an outfit to wear. That bug seems to have struck again because I want to wear this tonight.

Luckily if that plan turns out to be even crazier than it seems I’ve got this pretty new dress. My dad just got back from Vietnam where he got this made for me. Considering he guessed the size – I think they found a girl he thought looked my size and then they added a few inches because they figured Western people were larger. Whatever strange guesstimating method they used it worked. This is the dress on my dressform which is set to my measurements.



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