Treasured inheritance

I never met my great aunt Kitty, but recently I inherited some of her sewing supplies. It seems like we might have had a few things in common. Every time I use these, I know I’ll be reminded both of the crafty abilities I’ve inherited and of the fact that I’m so incredibly fortunate to be able to do these things out of choice rather than necessity. Both Kitty and her sister (my grandmother) wanted to study English literature, but only their brothers were able to go to university while the girls went to teacher’s training college. It doesn’t seem like such a coincidence that that’s what my degree is in. Ever heard that things skip a generation?


Trying to resist pinking everything in sight, snip, snip. So satisfying and I’ve always wanted some but never quite been able to justify buying them.


Wooden spools, many of which have never been used. Some still have the cellophane wrappers. I like to think that she bought them just for the colours.


The vintage liberty print I used for Matilda Jane came from Kitty and here are some more.


Don’t you love the difference in the 60s and 70s boxes? DSCF4724.JPG

I love these things so much, real treasure. Some time I’ll post some of the pictures of them from the 40s, the clothes are, of course, amazing.


In other news – I’ve had a couple of emails asking when Snow White will be ready. The pattern really is almost done, I just need to edit the images.

I’ve also had a request for the pattern for the cable beret that was in some of the Snow White pictures. I think the hat itself may be cursed – I lost the first one, replaced it and lost the replacement the very first time I wore it. I’m now working on the 5th version (2 lost grey ones, a teal one, a replacement grey one and a less slouchy pink one) so the pattern will be ready soon. At least it will be pretty thoroughly test knit!

And finally my Baby Suprise Jacket has a baby! Juliana (of the amazing mittens) and her husband welcomed baby Elijah on Saturday. Go congratulate.